Toyota Sienna Hybrid Outdoors-04

The Right Fit for Your Business

  • Board and Disembark your clients in the most comfortable way for both
  • Perfect for NEMT, Uber, Lyft, Taxi, and all Commercial needs
  • Can withstand up to 800 lbs
  • Super durable heavy-duty powder coating paint

Place the two front wheels in the antler, use the rail to secure the stretcher, and your patient is ready to ride safely.

Removing the antler and rail securement system is easy and allows for:

  • Two wheelchair passengers and,
  • Five ambulatory passengers in mixed configurations.

The Lowest Operating Costs in the Industry

With a corrosion resistant, high-strength structural grade aluminum ramp and protective powder-coated shell, a Freedom Motors USA wheelchair-accessible commercial transport vehicle lasts longer and remains one of the most reliable vehicles available.

Why Choose Rear Entry?

The only retail manufacturer building rear entry handicap vehicles for you

wheelchair ramp for van


Rear Entry means no more getting blocked in or having to wait for an oversized handicap space to open.
best wheelchair ramps for vehicles

Major Construction

Unlike side entry vehicle's, our main frame, A/C lines, and ABS lines are not cut during construction, ensuring the vehicles OEM integrity.
wheelchair vehicles with driving ability

Quiet and
Smooth Drive

Our competitors lower the engine and transmission, raise the suspension 8", and add steering wheel extenders. We don’t and you can feel the difference.

Enhanced Safety Through Precision Engineering

Handicap Vehicles Build Quality Advantages

  • FMI offers the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of any handicap-accessible commercial, taxi, or fleet vehicle.
  • Maximize your Profit Per Trip with less downtime.
  •  The easiest wheelchair passenger restraint system available.
  • Wheelchair commercial and rideshare conversions with ramp widths varying from 34 up to 48″. In stock and ready to roll.
  • All FMI commercial vehicles meet or exceed ADA / FMVSS Compliance.