Transport Chair vs. Wheelchair

To the uninitiated, a transport chair and a wheelchair may look very similar. However, there are quite a few key differences between the two. The primary difference is that in a standard wheelchair you can propel yourself, while a transport chair requires another person to push it from behind. Learn more about the differences in this transport chair vs. wheelchair comparison from the mobility specialists at Freedom Motors USA.

Transport Chair Features

A transport chair is lightweight, has small wheels, and can fold up to make it easy to store or carry. The seat of a transport chair is usually made of a flexible fabric which doesn’t provide very much support, and therefore, they are not recommended for full-time use. A transport chair is ideal for those who have difficulty walking, but who are not disabled. Some common features of transfer chairs include:

  • Footrests: Some transport chairs come with fixed one-piece footrests, although most are equipped with adjustable footrests.
  • Armrests: Transport chairs are usually offered with flat, rounded, padded, or stiff armrests. Some chairs come with short handles in place of armrests.
  • Accessories: Among the most common transport chair accessories are cup holders, bags, totes, and pouches. It’s important to know that most accessories are designed to clip onto 1-inch aluminum tubing. If the frame of the chair has tubing larger than an inch, you’ll be unable to attach the accessories.

Wheelchair Features

Standard manual wheelchairs are designed to provide comfort, mobility, and independence to those who are unable to walk. The armrests, seat, and backrest are cushioned to provide the support needed for full-time use. The front caster wheels swivel for easy maneuverability, while the large fixed rear wheels have hand-rims attached so that you can move the chair without assistance. A wheelchair also has a sturdy frame, adjustable footrests, push handles, and a brake.

There are a wide array of wheelchair accessories available, and your options range from bags and totes to trays, seat belts, and a variety of device attachments. Those who explore their options will find that they can customize a wheelchair to fit just about any need!

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