World’s First Wheelchair-Accessible Toyota Sienna Hybrid Conversion

Revolutionary Conversion Offers New Choice In Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle Market

  • The lowered floor vehicle is the industry’s first 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair-accessible conversion.
  • The Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair conversion will bring fuel economy to the mobility market with the highest MPG of any conversion vehicle available.
  • Freedom Motors USA previously created the first-ever lowered floor wheelchair-accessible minivan in 1987; the first-ever lowered floor wheelchair-accessible SUV in 2006; and the first Superwide rear ramps in 2016. 


Freedom Motors USA is proud to announce today its Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Van, the first-ever conversion available on the market of the recently updated minivan. With this new vehicle conversion, Freedom Motors modernizes what independence means for wheelchair users.

Freedom Motors USA continues its long history of accessible vehicle innovations for wheelchair users having previously provided the world’s first lowered-floor wheelchair minivan conversion in 1987; the world’s first lowered-floor wheelchair SUV conversion in 2006; and the industry’s first Superwide rear ramps in 2016. 

The Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair conversion will provide a unique choice among mobility vehicles, bringing the option of fuel economy to this segment.

The Toyota Sienna has been a staple of the wheelchair accessible vehicle industry due to its roomy interior and lower cost. However, with the new 2021 model offered only with a hybrid drivetrain, many mobility vehicle manufacturers have been stumped on how to continue to provide a conversion.

Freedom Motors engineers have developed a manufacturing process which leaves the Toyota hybrid system untouched, retaining the original drivetrain along with its performance and efficiency. The OEM drivetrain is often altered by manufacturers, reducing the reliability of the vehicle.

The lowered-floor conversion will add only 15 pounds to the vehicle, allowing for negligible impact on fuel economy for our customers.  

“We are proud to present another first for Freedom Motors and the world: the wheelchair accessible Toyota Sienna hybrid conversion” said Sieto van Dillen, Freedom Motors President. “We strive to give people the freedom and mobility they deserve and now we can do that on a hybrid platform that gets 30-40 MPG. I am so proud that our team of engineers managed to work around the hybrid batteries and drivetrain, leaving them 100% OEM and untouched.  It is the ultimate blend of accessibility, reliability and eco-friendly high mileage technology.”

Features and benefits of the Freedom Motors USA proprietary conversion of the 2021 Sienna Hybrid are available at Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Van

  • Retention of the original Toyota hybrid drivetrain, leaving the system untouched from the manufacturer. This OEM system is often altered by other manufacturers’ conversion of wheelchair vehicles. 
  • The Toyota Sienna Hybrid can provide up to 36 MPG, significantly better fuel efficiency than the 2020 Sienna’s 21 MPG combined. 
  • Superwide 40” wide rear-entry ramp. This ramp width is the widest of any hybrid mobility vehicle, providing confidence and security when entering and exiting the vehicle.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminized steel ramp materials for durability. 
  • Spring-assisted manual ramp available now. Automatic ramp operation available mid-summer 2021.

The interior space is maximized to provide ample room for wheelchair navigation and user comfort. Notable dimensions include: 

  • Door Opening Height: 54”
  • Ramp Width: 40”
  • Ramp Length: 56”
  • Interior Height at Wheelchair Position: 56”

The 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid conversion wheelchair-accessible vehicle is available now for preorder. Price is dependent on the trim level of the converted vehicle. For more information, visit www.freedommotors.com or call (800) 625-6335. 

About Freedom Motors USA: Freedom Motors has strived to develop customized accessible vehicles since creating the first wheelchair accessible minivan in 1987. Since then, the company has continued to produce  innovative mobility vehicles including the first wheelchair accessible SUV with its Honda Element conversion. Currently, Freedom Motors offers a unique, custom lineup of wheelchair vehicles including exclusive Superwide and SUV models. Freedom Motors manufactures its vehicles, parts, and accessories in Battle Creek, MI.