What Sports Can You Play in a Wheelchair?

There is a wide variety of sports that you can play in a wheelchair. With some modifications to the rules, you can play sports such as basketball, tennis, and even hockey, among others. Some of these sports can be played in a manual wheelchair, while others require an electric wheelchair. Either way, you’ll find that your disability is no impediment to having fun. Explore a few of the more popular wheelchair sports in this guide from Freedom Motors USA.

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is played in manual wheelchairs, specially designed to enhance stability, on a standard basketball court with 10-foot high baskets. The scoring and rules of the game are basically the same as regular basketball, with some modifications to accommodate wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Tennis

In wheelchair tennis, the court size and net height are the same as regular tennis. The rules have been adapted, allowing the ball to bounce up to 2 times. The game is played with manual wheelchairs specially designed for speed and improved mobility.

Wheelchair Hockey

Also known as Power Hockey, this is a fast-paced game with rules adapted from ice hockey and floor hockey. It is played in an electric wheelchair on a standard basketball court, with a plastic ball instead of a puck, and plastic hockey sticks or T-sticks can be used.

Wheelchair Racing

Wheelchair races can be held on a track or as a road race. There is a wide array of wheelchairs specially designed for racing, but all need to be lightweight and manually operated. Wheelchair racers have been clocked at speeds of up to 18.6 mph.

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