What is the Best Wheelchair Accessible Van?

2020 Dodge Grand Caravan

Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision, especially when it comes to wheelchair accessibility. Trying to accommodate wheelchair users as well as ambulatory passengers can be a challenge, and there are so many manufacturers to choose from it can be hard to find a reliable conversion.

Freedom Motors USA has been converting vans for wheelchair accessibility since 1987, when we first converted the Dodge Grand Caravan. We have several vans available with a variety of features to choose from to make sure you get the vehicle that best suits your needs. 

Let’s take a look at what features are available with each model to help you decide what you need when it comes to rear or side entry vehicles, extra seating options and ramp width.

white wheelchair accessible 2021 toyota sienna hybrid rear entry

Toyota Sienna Hybrid

The Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Van is the latest innovation in hybrid wheelchair accessible vehicles. The first wheelchair accessible Toyota hybrid vehicle on the market, the 2021 Sienna offers one of the most efficient wheelchair accessible vehicles yet. With an average combined 36 miles per gallon, the 2021 Sienna Hybrid is leaps and bounds ahead of last year’s 2020 Sienna with its average combined 21 miles per gallon.

Best of all, this added efficiency doesn’t come at the expense of convenience or practicality. The 2021 Sienna’s hybrid system doesn’t need to be plugged in, and charges itself while you drive. This means that you’ll never have to install an at-home charger or recharge your hybrid battery. Freedom Motors engineers keep vehicles as close to OEM specifications as possible when designing converted vehicles, meaning that the hybrid drivetrain is completely untouched. 

With a Superwide 40” ramp, Freedom Motors offers the widest ramp available on a hybrid wheelchair accessible vehicle. A spacious interior provides plenty of space for a wheelchair passenger and two ambulatory passengers in the second row. Taking into consideration the 2021 Sienna’s sporty redesigned exterior and feature-packed interior, the 2021 Sienna hybrid is certainly an attractive choice for those who value fuel efficiency.

Pastel Blue Wheelchair Accessible Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

Although Toyota Siennas from model years 2020 and earlier aren’t available as a wheelchair accessible hybrid vehicle, they still offer plenty of great features. The standard Toyota Sienna is highly customizable, offering seating and ramp options for a vehicle that’s just the right fit for your needs.

Offering 30”, 34” and Superwide 48” ramps as well as side or rear-entry options means that accessing the vehicle is easy and provides confidence for wheelchair users. Automatic ramp options allow wheelchair passengers to enter and exit the vehicle independently without the help of a caregiver, while side-entry vehicles can be outfitted with removable front seats and hand controls that allow you to drive from your wheelchair.

These Toyota Sienna models are also great options for commercial non-emergency medical transport or paratransit vehicles. The ADA compliant dimensions of Freedom Motors’ Toyota Siennas allows for up to two wheelchair passengers or one stretcher. Additionally, there are seating options available allowing for more ambulatory passengers to ride alongside wheelchair users.

Wheelchair accessible silver Dodge Van Grand Caravan

Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan has a long and storied history in the mobility industry, and for good reason. The Grand Caravan was the first minivan introduced to the market in 1987, and converted by Freedom Motors later that year.

Ever since, we continued to convert the Caravan for wheelchair accessibility until Dodge discontinued the model. In addition to the vans listed here, Freedom Motors offers these amazing 6 Alternatives to the Wheelchair Accessible Dodge Grand Caravan.

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a very versatile wheelchair accessible van, with lots of customizable options to provide the perfect vehicle for your needs. Automatic or manual rear-entry ramps, a Superwide 40” option for added security when accessing the vehicle and seating options for more ambulatory passengers make the Grand Caravan a very flexible choice.

Like Toyota Sienna, the Grand Caravan is also a great option for NEMT and commercial paratransit. ADA compliant models are available that make it a great choice for businesses looking to transport up to two wheelchairs or one stretcher.

Wheelchair Accessible Chrysler Pacifica Freedom Motors USA

Chrysler Pacifica

The Chrysler Pacifica may be a minivan, but it doesn’t let that get in the way of being comfortable and stylish. Best of all, it comes with all of the luxury features that you want without sacrificing the interior space or practicality that you need.

With a 38” wide automatic or manual ramp and 56” high door opening, accessing the vehicle is just as easy as the other vehicles on this list. Depending on the trim level of the vehicle, it also comes with some great features like ventilated leather seats, blind spot monitoring and onboard navigation. Features like rear-cross traffic alert and a back-up camera make parking and unloading passengers easier than ever.

Like the other vehicles we’ve covered, the Pacifica is ADA compliant and comes with a variety of seating options to allow for many arrangements of wheelchair and ambulatory passengers. This makes it a very viable choice for NEMT or paratransit use. 

Which Wheelchair Accessible Van is Best for YOU?

When it comes to wheelchair accessible vans, there are plenty of options to choose from. Because they all have their own unique features and options, they are highly customizable to suit your needs. Contact one of our Mobility Specialists today and they can help you find the right vehicle for you.

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