Is Denver a Wheelchair-Accessible City?

The Mile-High City sits 5,280 feet above sea level and commands the highest population for 500 miles in every direction. Denver is often considered a gateway to the Rockies, but it also offers plenty for tourists in its own right. Better yet, wheelchair accessibility in Denver is excellent, making it a great handicap travel destination.

Denver’s public transportation system is fully accessible, so you can use light rail and bus services to access all parts of the city. Don’t want to stress about finding accessible parking or your wheelchair accessible SUV during your trip? Wheelchair-accessible public transit options in Denver include:

  • RTD Light Rail: Features six lines and 46 stations. Each station is accessible via ramp or lift, and the first car of each train is equipped with a fold-out ramp. Spaces are available for wheelchair users.
  • Bus Network: Includes 127 city bus routes. Each bus offers lowered floors and wheelchair ramps or lifts, plus tie downs and straps for wheelchair securement.

Denver also offers a small fleet of wheelchair-accessible taxis with lowered floors and side or rear entry. They can be ordered on demand, but it’s best to order ahead since you might have to wait during peak times.

Accessibility of Sidewalks and Streets in Denver

Though conditions vary between neighborhoods, Denver’s sidewalks are usually in a good state of repair. You’ll find the smoothest and most well cared-for located in the central business district, near the civic center, and by the state capitol. You should find curb cuts at nearly all intersections.

Areas that are less-visited by tourists are more likely to have cracked or potholed sidewalks, which isn’t uncommon for any city in the United States.

Denver Attractions and Sights

Denver offers a wonderful selection of attractions, museums, and sights, most of which are either fully or mostly accessible. Just a few include:

  • Larimer Square
  • Colorado State Capitol Building
  • Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Denver Art Museum
  • Coors Brewery Tour

Let the Freedom Motors USA Team Advise You on Travel with Disabilities

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