How Wheelchair-Accessible is Washington D.C.?

The United States is the land of the free, and our nation’s capital lives up to that motto by being one of the most wheelchair accessible cities in the country, if not the world. Washington D.C. is full of monuments, history, museums, and art, not to mention the White House, Capital Building, and Supreme Court. A visit to Washington D.C. is both fun and informative. Learn more from Freedom Motors USA.

Public Transportation

All public transportation in Washington D.C. is wheelchair-accessible, and provides service throughout the District of Columbia.

  • Metrorail This subway system serves the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Gap reducers between the platforms and the trains make it easy for wheelchair access, and the disabled can ride for half fare, but must have a Reduced Fare SmarTrip® Photo ID. Visitors to the city can get a courtesy ID from Metro which is good for up to one month. In order to get a courtesy Reduced Fare SmarTrip® Photo ID, you must present a valid transportation ID card from another transit agency along with a valid government-issued photo ID.
  • Metrobus – The bus service likewise serves the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, and all buses feature low floor ramps or lifts, and two wheelchair securement areas. The same Reduced Fare SmarTrip® Photo ID as the Metrorail is required to get the half-fare price.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Taxis – ADA compliant wheelchair taxi vans with rear-entry ramps are available throughout the city.
  • Public Parking – If the difficulties of accessing public transportation is too much, there are handicap accessible parking spaces and accommodations for your wheelchair accessible SUV or wheelchair van.

Places to Visit in Washington D.C.

There’s just so much to see in Washington D.C., and all of the museums and government buildings are wheelchair accessible. A few of our favorite Washington D.C. attractions include:

  • The National Mall and Memorial Parks The many monuments and memorials you can visit along the National Mall include the Washington Monument, the Constitution Gardens, the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Ford’s Theater National Historic Site, and more.
  • Smithsonian Museum of American History – Featuring a dizzying array of exhibits highlighting the cultural, political, scientific, and military history of the nation, the Smithsonian is a must-see destination for any visitor to the capital. Admission is free.
  • Smithsonian Air & Space Museum Home to the largest collection of aircraft and spacecraft in the world, visitors can see the displays that feature the 1903 Wright Flyer, The Spirit of St. Louis, the command module of Apollo 11, and much much more. Admission is free.
  • National Gallery of Art – Located in the National Mall, the gallery features a vast collection of art from the middle ages to the present. The lovely sculpture garden offers an outdoor space for exhibiting select pieces from the contemporary sculpture collection. Admission is free.

Learn About Wheelchair-Accessible Cities at Freedom Motors USA

There’s a lot to see and do in Washington D.C., and all of the government buildings, museums, and memorials are wheelchair accessible and free to visit. If you’re interested in learning about wheelchair travel in bigger cities like New York City or far-away destinations such as Florida beaches or Las Vegas, or if you’re shopping for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, please contact us online.