How Does Insurance for Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles Work?

Anyone thinking about converting their vehicle for wheelchair-accessible use or picking up a pre-converted wheelchair-accessible van will naturally start thinking about wheelchair van insurance. In most ways, this works just like regular car insurance, but we’ve put together a quick overview of some basics you should take into consideration.

How Does Car Insurance for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Work?

You might assume that car insurance works differently for wheelchair vans, but you’d be wrong. Whether you have a disability or not, car insurance looks at the same thing: accidents.

Essentially, wheelchair van insurance can provide you and your vehicle with protection at various levels — it really depends how much collision and comprehensive coverage you select. It’s best to talk things through with your insurance company to find out exactly what’s covered. What’s available will also likely vary by state, giving you different options in Newark, New Jersey vs. New York City, New York.

For example, your insurance should cover the cost of conversion repair or replacement if the car is totaled or damaged by flooding. However, situations outside of accidents are unlikely to be covered. You might want to think about getting an insurance rider to provide additional coverage for something not specifically covered by your primary policy.

How Should You Go About Getting Insurance for a Wheelchair-Accessible Van?

When you’re looking for auto insurance coverage, make sure you follow these tips to secure a good deal and protect yourself in the future.

  • Be Honest: When you’re applying for the insurance policy, make sure you disclose all modifications made to the vehicle. Different types of changes can affect your insurance rates in different ways.
  • Get Equipment Coverage: Make sure all handicapped equipment — including wheelchairs — is covered by your insurance.
  • Provide Disability Classification: Disclose your specific disability to ensure there are no doubts about your level of risk while driving.
  • Get all the Details: If you have a question, ask it. Getting all the information means finding the best coverage and being able to adequately compare different types of insurance to make an educated final decision.

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