Cool Wheelchair Accessories: 10 Fun Accessories to Enhance Your Chair

Cool Wheelchair AccessoriesAre you in the market for cool wheelchair accessories?

Well, you’re in luck! Our Mobility Specialists have rounded up the latest gear to build top-of-the-line fun, creative, and pimped-out wheelchairs!

So, if you’re looking for cute wheelchair accessories for your wheelchair accessible vehicle, keep reading. Something on this list is sure to be perfect for you and your style.

10 Must-Have Wheelchair Accessories

You spend most of your day in a wheelchair, so why not make your accessories fun? After all, finding new and innovative ways to improve the level of comfort provided by a wheelchair can significantly impact you in the long run. To make it easy on you, we’ve curated a list of cool wheelchair add-ons you’ll love: 

1. Pushrim Covers 

A fantastic and colorful wheelchair pushrim cover will help you move and propel yourself with ease while making your wheelchair accessories fun. Covers for the rims of wheelchairs, known as pushrims, improve grip and thus ease of pushing. They’re also easier to hold in hot or cold weather.

2. Wheel Covers

If you want to improve the look of your chair and give it more character, add a pair of wheel covers. You can find various types of covers that come in multiple colors and designs, many of which were created by famous artists and designers. In addition to being lightweight, watertight, and scratch-proof, these fun wheelchair accessories are also simple to set up. You can find a set of covers that expresses your individuality.

3. Wheelchair Ramps

If you use a wheelchair or are a caretaker for someone who does, you know how frustrating it can be to encounter a storefront or curb that isn’t accessible. When this occurs, you may have to take a longer route or change your plans entirely. 

Why not plan for and avoid potential problems by bringing a portable ramp?

Ramps that are both lightweight and portable. They are also convenient to transport and sturdy enough to support your body weight and the weight of your wheelchair. A ramp will surely be handy if you need assistance negotiating rugged terrain or climbing a steep incline.

Cool Wheelchair Accessories - wheelchair bag4. Wheelchair Bag

Traveling with loose items like keys, cellphones, and wallets makes wheelchair bags an absolute necessity. However, that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto it all day or precariously carry it in your lap. 

Thankfully, there are tons of bags that can fit any personality. However, we recommend one that you can adjust to fit across the back of a wheelchair, making it easy to transport your belongings. You also want to choose an option with a sizable internal compartment that can store things like a spare set of clothes or medical equipment. A bag is a fantastic option for customizing your wheelchair. They come in various styles and colors to fit your unique personality.

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5. Light-Up Casters

Every wheel spin would be more exciting and eye-catching if illuminated with colorful LED lights. Special wheelchairs with light-up casters are a timeless and entertaining addition. 

Wheelchairs with lit casters also provide an extra security measure, making them one of the top cute wheelchair accessories. Find casters that fit your size and shape needs.

6. Spoke reflectors

If you’re not into light-up casters (or want to add a layer to them), you should consider adding spoke reflectors. Spoke reflectors are a simple and inexpensive way to increase your chair’s nighttime visibility.

You can put as much or as little personalization effort into spoke reflectors as you like. Spoke reflectors are available if you want to customize your chair’s appearance or add some extra lighting. They typically provide better visibility than LEDs mounted directly on the casters.

7. Grade Aids

Wheel locks on manual wheelchairs can be equipped with grade aids to prevent the chair from rolling backward on inclines. This is helpful in many situations, but especially when pushing yourself up ramps or slopes.

Using handrims requires users to constantly remove their hands from the rails and reposition them as they move up an incline. If they take their hands off the wheelchair’s handles for even a second, it will try to roll backward. Grade aids help stop this from happening.

8. Wheelchair Gloves

You may wonder why wheelchair gloves are on the list of cool wheelchair accessories since they’re technically human accessories. Regardless of their classification, wheelchair gloves are ab must-have and on the top list of cool wheelchair stuff for many reasons!

Wheelchair gloves are designed to simplify the everyday task of moving around. Fingerless gloves protect your hands by providing a buffer between your hands and the wheels. Wheelchair users are especially susceptible to calluses and blisters on their palms from the constant friction experienced when pushing the wheelchair over uneven surfaces.

Wheelchair gloves can give you greater independence while also making you look awesome. Wheelchairs can be elevated in the most unexpected ways.

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9. Custom Cushions

Personalizing your wheelchair’s cushions is a fun and easy way to show your unique style while making your chair more comfortable.

Wheelchair cushion covers can be made to order in almost any style, greatly expanding the wheelchair’s aesthetic range. You can swap designs as you wish, so your wheelchair can have a new look every day.

Consider pressure relieving cushions if your chair’s cushions aren’t comfortable or supportive. Wheelchair cushions are made to alleviate pressure and pain from things like sores and bruises, making them an essential accessory.

10. Cup holder

Adding a cup holder to your wheelchair is a simple way to improve your quality of life and is sure to be used frequently. Cup holders can be found in various materials, including plastic and metal, and in multiple sizes and colors to accommodate most beverages and containers.

The ‘cage’ style holders made of alloy are typically preferred because they are long-lasting and frequently have a greater depth, allowing them to accommodate larger bottles than holders made of plastic.

Inserting cup holders into wheelchairs is a breeze. Cup holders can be easily removed and reinstalled, whether made of plastic (which screws onto the frame) or metal (zip-tied securely to the wheelchair).

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Add Personality to Your Ride 

Keeping up with cool wheelchair accessories can do more than add personality to your ride. They can improve your quality of life.

At Freedom Motors, we understand that everyone’s mobility needs are unique. We’ve been in the conversion manufacturing business for over 35 years and are the largest supplier of wheelchair vans and handicap-accessible vehicles in the country. 

Contact us today to learn more about our accessible vehicle options!