Buying from Home: 3 Customers Who Bought a Wheelchair Vehicle Online

Buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle without test driving isn’t easy — each wheelchair user has unique needs, and it can be hard to tell if a vehicle fits those needs through just photos.

How Can I Buy a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Online?

A Freedom Motors Kia Telluride wheelchair conversion outside with the ramp deployed.At Freedom Motors USA, we understand purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle is a big decision. We’ve been converting vehicles for wheelchair accessibility since 1987, so we’ve learned how to make the process as simple as it can be.

Our Mobility Specialists make it as easy possible to see vehicles you may be interested in by offering pictures, videos, and live video walkthroughs showing every detail of a vehicle you may be interested in. 

Our Mobility Specialists are incredibly knowledgeable about the vehicles and their conversions; and can provide you with any specifications you may need to fit your wheelchair. Even better, our Mobility Specialists will come to your home to demonstrate the vehicle’s ramp operation, wheelchair restraints, seating options, hand controls, and more. You can even take the converted vehicle for a test drive to see if it works for you. (At home vehicle demonstrations are not available in all areas.)

Every part of purchasing a vehicle can be done completely from home, even financing. Our Mobility Specialists will walk you through what steps need to be taken, and any documents that need to be signed can be completed on your computer. 

After passing a final quality control check, your vehicle will be professionally detailed inside and out. From there, your wheelchair accessible vehicle is ready to be delivered to your door. 

What’s it Like Buying an Accessible Vehicle Online?

Freedom Motors customer Brian speaks with Mobility Specialist Ray Fosburg.As we’ve outlined above, buying a wheelchair conversion online couldn’t be easier. But don’t just take it from us, here’s what some customers who purchased a vehicle from Freedom Motors had to say about it.

“It was an easy process and we love our van.” Janet S.

“I first came in contact with [Freedom Motors Mobility Specialist] Ray Fosburg back in March 2021. He has been very patient with me, I had a lot to learn and he was there every step of the way. He was always answering our questions, he was a constant in our lives but not once was he pushy.

I highly recommend Ray and Freedom Motors. This was also my first time buying something sight unseen. Ray even delivered it to us. It was an easy process and we love our van. Thank you Ray!”

Freedom Motors Customer Janet S.

“We’re a 4 hour drive from [Freedom Motors],” Jason D.

“We had been looking for an accessible vehicle for a while when I finally found Freedom Motors and realized that they were the most likely possibility for all the things my wife was looking for.  Since we’re a 4 hour drive from their shop, I was put in touch with Dominic who worked with me via phone and email, discussing what we were after and listening to our initial choices based on what we saw online.  He even sent a series of videos for us to see the interior of a couple cars we were interested in.

We called ahead by a few days and scheduled time to come up and check out a few vehicles; in the end we got one which we hadn’t even considered because it was a far better fit for my wife’s mobility scooter and her ability to load it in, get out, and close things up all on her own (and it’s that level of autonomy we were after.)

Dominic was fantastic to work with remotely, and it was great to finally meet him in person.  He did a wonderful job of finding us exactly the right vehicle and we’re excited for it to arrive in a few weeks.”

Freedom Motors Customer Jason D.

“The whole process was a pleasant experience,” Rebecca B.

“From the first contact with a representative on the phone to the day we picked up our van, everyone we interacted with was professional, helpful, and friendly. Dominic and Kristen stayed in touch with us throughout the process making sure we had the latest progress report and answered all the questions we had.

We’ve been driving our van for a few months now and we love everything about it. The conversion was done very well and the finishes are perfect. The whole process was a pleasant experience and we would definitely recommend Freedom to anyone looking for an accessible vehicle.”

Freedom Motors Customer Rebecca B.

How Easy is it to Buy a Wheelchair Vehicle Online?

Rachael, Kyle and Ruby admire their new van from Freedom Motors USA.Buying an accessible vehicle online is as easy as contacting one of our Mobility Specialists today. We’ve been manufacturing and selling wheelchair accessible vehicles for more than 40 years, so we’ve fine-tuned the buying process to be as painless and efficient as possible.


Our Mobility Specialists are ready to help find the right vehicle for your needs, whether that’s a van or SUV handicap vehicle for sale. No matter your situation, our representatives can find the right fit for you. Automatic ramps, hand controls, and configurable seating options means our vehicles are easy to operate and drive — even without a caregiver. 

Ready For Your New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

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