Automatic versus Manual Wheelchair Ramp: Which is Better for You?

Automatic versus Manual Wheelchair Ramp: Which is Better for You?

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All rear-entry ramp conversions from Freedom Motors USA come available in two options, manual or automatic. Both have their own advantages, so how do you know which choice is right for you?

All of our ramps are made of corrosion resistant, high-strength structural grade aluminum and powder coated, which allows for easy cleanup and maintenance in any weather conditions. Freedom Motors uses a bi-fold design that folds in the middle for all of our rear and side-entry ramps, except for handicap vehicles for sale that use a single-piece design like the Kia Soul, Honda HR-V (update February 2022: The HR-V is no longer available), and 30″ and 34″ wide ramps on the Toyota Sienna (2020 model years and earlier). Our manual ramps are deployed by hand, while automatic ramps can be operated with just the touch of a button.

To help you decide which option is best for you, let’s take a look at both options and break them down in detail.

Automatic Wheelchair Ramps

At Freedom Motors, we offer automatic ramps on almost all of our rear and side-entry models including automatic ramp conversions for the Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Van.

Our automatic ramps use a hydraulic system to raise and lower, which means you can open the back hatch and operate the ramp using only buttons on your key fob. This allows wheelchair users a great deal of independence, allowing them to enter and exit the vehicle without assistance. On vehicles that allow wheelchair users to drive, it could allow those in a wheelchair to go anywhere they need to without the help of a caregiver.

Automatic ramps offer several unique benefits, but they’re not always the best choice for every situation. The automatic ramp assembly is more complex than a manual ramp, meaning there are more moving and mechanical parts that need to be maintained and could require upkeep in some environments. This added complexity also adds to the price of the conversion, making it a more expensive option than a manual ramp.

An animated GIF of the hydraulic assisted system on a rear-entry automatic ramp

Automatic Wheelchair Ramp Pros

  • A wheelchair user can enter and exit the vehicle completely independently.
  • On vehicle models that allow wheelchair users to drive, the independence afforded by having an automatic ramp means they can transport themselves whenever they need without the assistance of a caregiver. Hand controls can help facilitate this further.
  • Automatic ramps provide ease of use for caregivers or wheelchair users that find operating a manual ramp can be difficult.

Automatic Wheelchair Ramp Cons

  • The hydraulic system on the ramp might need maintenance depending on use, which will need to be performed by a Freedom Motors authorized technician.
  • Automatic ramps are more expensive than manual ramps and will add extra cost to your vehicle’s conversion.

Manual Wheelchair Ramps

Manual ramps are available on all sizes of ramp and models of Freedom Motors’ converted vehicles. The ramps are deployed and retracted by hand, which our spring-assisted system makes easy to do. Operating the ramp takes about the same strength required to lift a gallon of milk, meaning it’s easy to do with even one hand.

All of our manual ramps utilize a two-piece bifold design, except for the Kia Soul and Honda HR-V (update February 2022: The HR-V is no longer available) which use a shorter single-piece ramp. This design ensures the ramp stays out of the way when driving and is easy to manage when deploying it.

Manual ramp conversions tend to be less expensive than automatic conversions, which can help if you’re looking for the most affordable option. Their simplistic design and operation also ensures that maintenance is easy and repairs are rarely, if ever, needed.

Of course, manual ramps can’t provide one of the best benefits of automatic ramps: complete access of the vehicle for wheelchair users without assistance from a caregiver.

An animated GIF of the spring assisted system on a manual wheelchair ramp

Manual Wheelchair Ramp Pros

  • Our spring assisted system makes manual ramps easy to operate, making it possible to do even with one hand.
  • Because of the ramp’s simplistic design and less moving parts, they are easier to maintain than an automatic ramp.
  • Manual ramps are more cost effective, making them a great choice for those with a budget.

Manual Wheelchair Ramp Cons

  • Wheelchair users will require a caregiver to operate the ramp for them to enter and exit the vehicle.

When are Automatic Ramps Best?

Automatic ramps are a great option for those who use a wheelchair and are seeking a little more independence; or for caregivers looking to reduce efforts. They are a great option for vehicles that have power transfer seats like the Kia SoulChevrolet TraverseChrysler Pacifica or Voyager;  or for vehicles that let you drive from a wheelchair like the Toyota Sienna. These configurations could allow someone in a wheelchair to drive without any assistance from a caregiver.

When are Manual Ramps Best?

Manual ramps may not offer the added convenience that an automatic ramp does, but they are still a great option for anyone looking for a wheelchair accessible SUV or van. Their simple design makes them durable and easy to maintain, and their lower cost can be helpful to those who are looking to purchase an affordable vehicle.

A photo of a manual 2021 Kia Sorento wheelchair ramp in operation

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