Are Medicare Grants for Wheelchair Vans Available?

Many of the 44 million people covered under Medicare and a further 70 million covered under Medicaid programs live with mobility-related disabilities. Having a wheelchair-accessible vehicle can make a world of difference, so it’s natural to ask if there are Medicare options or Medicare grants for wheelchair vans or wheelchair accessible SUVs.

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Are Wheelchair Vans and Conversions Available Through Medicare?

Unfortunately, wheelchair vans and conversions are very rarely covered under Medicare or Medicaid. Rules do vary from state to state — so it might be different in Chicago, Illinois and New York City, New York — but you’ll generally find that Medicare only covers expenses deemed “medically necessary.” These rules are extremely strict, so few doctors will find circumstances where a wheelchair van would be considered necessary.

That means the following Medicare plans aren’t an option:

  • A (Hospital)
  • B (Medical)
  • D (Prescription Drug)

How Can Medicare Grants Cover Wheelchair Vans?

Don’t despair after learning that Medicare won’t cover the purchase of a wheelchair van or modifications to your current vehicle. You may still be eligible for a Medicare grant. The majority of those grants come from non-profit organizations that receive their funds from state or local resources. There’s no guarantee, but you could be eligible for a grant to cover worn out equipment on vans or the purchase of a new vehicle.

What Options Are Available for Veterans?

Beyond Medicare, veterans may be eligible for assistance from one of several funding programs, including:

  • Semper Fi Fund
  • Vets First
  • Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
  • Help Our Military Heroes
  • National Association of American Veterans
  • U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs and Veterans Benefits Administration
  • Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
  • Operation Family Fund
  • Coalition to Support America’s Heroes

There are Grants and Funding Programs Available to Help Keep You Mobile

Will Medicare pay for a wheelchair van? Probably not, but several wheelchair van grants are available to cover the purchase. To find out more about wheelchair-accessible vehicles or our conversion process, don’t hesitate to contact Freedom Motors USA today.