Wheelchair Accessible Taxi and Rideshare Vehicles

Featuring The Widest Accessible Ramp in the Commercial Market

Innovation is the path to the future, and Freedom Motors takes that seriously. That’s why we developed the widest ramp available in our wheelchair-accessible taxi and rideshare vehicles. Conversions with our industry-exclusive Superwide ramp option exceed ADA standards while our precision engineering enhances passenger safety.

Handicap Taxis With Impressive Reliability

Some of the Best Rates in the Industry

With a corrosion resistant, high-strength structural grade aluminum ramp and protective powder-coated shell, a Freedom Motors USA wheelchair-accessible taxi lasts longer and remains one of the most reliable commercial vehicles available.

Built to withstand the rigors of daily commercial use, our accessible minivans and SUVs provide the lowest operating cost in the industry.

  • Affordable – One of the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) of any handicap-accessible fleet vehicle.
  • Dependable – Maximize profits with less downtime.
  • Load and Go – Easiest wheelchair passenger restraint system available.
  • Flexible – Conversions with ramp widths varying from 34 up t0 48 in stock and ready to roll.
  • Compliant – All FMI commercial fleet vehicles meet or exceed ADA / FMVSS Compliant.

NYC Taxi With Rear Entry Wheelchair Ramp

NYC Taxi – Half-cut Dodge Caravan with rear fold-down bench

New: Hybrid Toyota Sienna Crafted For Rideshare, Uber/Lyft, and Taxis

  • Original Hybrid Systems Left Intact – No Alterations Or Relocations
  • Unaltered Toyota systems remain under OEM warranty
  • Retains OEM Fuel Efficiency of up to 36 mpg
  • No alterations on Toyota’s original body design, include front center console
  • Flexible seating options include third-row folding bench
  • ADA Compliant
  • Superwide 40″ Rear Ramp
  • Spring-assisted manual ramp crafted from high-strength, structural-grade aluminum

Enhanced Safety Through Precision Engineering

With over 30 years of handicap-accessible conversion expertise, we convert all our wheelchair-accessible vehicles with superior components. Hundreds of our FMI wheelchair-accessible taxis and paratransit vehicles are in use by some of the largest taxi fleets in major metro areas like Houston, New York City, and San Francisco.

  • 5052 Alloy – The “Hulk” of aluminum alloys inhibits rust and corrosion.
  • Protective Shell – Powder-coated ramp adds another layer of rust protection.
  • Safety – Tubular stainless steel-reinforced lowered floor (pan).
  • Maintainable – Easy to clean commercial-grade flooring.
  • Experts – 30+ years of experience converting vehicles for wheelchair accessibility.

Half-cut Dodge Caravan with rear fold-down bench

Half-cut Dodge Caravan with second-row bench

Flexible Dependability

Our handicap-accessible taxis are some of the most versatile fleet vehicles ever offered. They provide innovative transport solutions for taxi fleets, transportation services, and non-medical emergency transit services. Huge interior and ramp system adds flexibility to your fleet, providing room for transporting imaging equipment and cargo. Expand your bottom line with a Freedom Motors Ford Transit Connect wheelchair accessible conversion.

  • Reduce Cost – More fuel-efficient than full-size conversion vans.
  • ADA – Meets or exceeds the ADA Compliance requirements.
  • Adaptive – Spacious interior and widest ramp in the mobility industry provide additional versatility.
  • Maintainable – Easy to clean commercial-grade flooring.

Superwide, ADA Compliant Rear Ramps

With our exclusive Superwide rear entry ramps, Freedom Motors USA has again led the industry in enhancing convenience and safety for wheelchair users and care providers.

The Superwide 48″ Toyota Sienna rear ramp, Superwide 40″ Toyota Sienna Hybrid, and Superwide 40″ Dodge Caravan rear ramp provide extra space for wheelchairs to safely enter and exit the vehicle, reducing any concerns about maneuverability.

Toyota Sienna with rear-entry Superwide 48" ramp

Toyota Sienna with rear-entry Superwide 48″ ramp

Dodge Grand Caravan With Superwide 40" Rear Manual Ramp

Dodge Grand Caravan With Superwide 40″ Rear Manual Ramp

Optional Passenger Seating Configurations

Passenger experience and convenience is maximized with our flexible seating and wheelchair options. Keeping the comfort of the wheelchair user in mind, they can finally feel like part of the group and easily carry on conversations with second-row placement and constraints. Our taxis can accommodate passengers in various seating arrangements with our custom flip-and-fold bench and flip-and-fold bucket seats.

➢ Dodge Caravan with Flip-And-Fold Bench Seating

Short-Cut Dodge with 3rd Row Fold Down Bench Half Cut Dodge with a fold down bench

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