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Featuring The Widest Accessible Ramps In The Commercial Market

Freedom Motors USA brings you the most versatile and cost-efficient transit vehicle on the market. Our non-emergency transport vehicle (NEMT) is fully crash tested and ADA compliant. Its unique design allows the transported patient to remain fully horizontal and safely restrained.

Offering the industry’s widest rear-entry conversions allows your business to accommodate all consumers, no matter the size of the chair, providing your business with a competitive advantage.

The interior layout of the NEMT also provides the opportunity to monitor the patient from the side assistant seat.

Most Popular NEMT Vehicles

  • Toyota Sienna with its Superwide 48″ rear-entry ramp, the industry’s widest
  • Dodge Grand Caravan with its Superwide 40″ rear-entry ramp, the widest ramp for a Caravan anywhere

Each models’ conversion includes:

  • Seats one or two chairs or up to five ambulatory passengers.
  • Widest ramps in the industry, perfect for bariatric patients, power chairs and larger wheelchairs.
  • Manual, spring-assisted ramp lifts and lowers effortlessly.
  • Reinforced tubular lowered floor (aka reverse roll cage design) adds an additional layer of security.
  • Additional 30″ or 34″ width ramp sizes available

360° View Of Paratransit Interior

Dodge Van - Paratransit Stretcher Accessible Van

Reasons to Purchase Stretcher/Wheelchair Transportation:

Cost Savings

  • Reduce worker’s compensation claims resulting from excessive heavy lifting.
  • Significant cost reductions for stable paratransit or non-emergency transports requiring stretcher as compared to the high cost of ambulance use and maintenance.
  • Reduced maintenance and rate of injury using a ramp entrance versus a hydraulic wheelchair lift which can break and drop the patient.
  • Less time off for employees resulting from a lifting injury.
  • Patient care facilities can change payables into receivables by owning their own paratransit vehicle.

Safety and Compliance

  • ADA compliant conversion exceeding all Federal required safety regulations for wheelchairs accessible vehicles.
  • AAA Compliant conversion providing up to 100” length lowered floor for stretcher transportation in a minivan.
  • Vehicle and conversion have passed all Altoona and CARB testing.
  • 5 emergency exit points
  • Bariatric capability. Transport individuals weighing up to 515 lbs on a Stretcher with NO LIFTING required! Our specially designed winch allows you to load and unload with ease avoiding potential injuries.

Freedom Motors Advantage

  • Industry-Exclusive Superwide rear ramps
  • Extra-sturdy construction and enhanced durability
  • Ramps built of aircraft-grade aluminum
paratransit-conversion-rear-entry-tiedown tiedown-modification-paratransit-conversion paratransit-tiedown-modification


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