Is Boston, MA a Wheelchair-Accessible City?

Boston Massachusetts downtown

History lovers, beer aficionados, and sports fans can all add Boston, MA to the top of their travel list. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, some might think that Boston wouldn’t be very wheelchair accessible. On the contrary, getting around Boston, MA in a wheelchair is quite easy. Boston proves to be an excellent handicap-accessible travel destination thanks to an abundance of wheelchair-friendly public transportation, wheelchair-accessible taxis, and impeccable streets. Learn all about how best to access Boston’s top destinations in a wheelchair with the team at Freedom Motors USA, below!

MBTA Subway, or “The T”

Better known as “The T” to Boston locals, this system makes it easy to access Boston in a wheelchair. All trains offer wheelchair access straight from the platform, but there’s one caveat: not every station offers an elevator to and from street level. Most of these stations are located along the Green Line, but there are a couple of additional stops without elevators on other lines as well, including:

  • Red Line: Valley Road, Wollaston
  • Blue Line: Bowdoin, Government Center

The Green Line also has the added problem of having a larger gap between the car and the platform, so a ramp and some assistance will be required. Any other lines on the Boston “T” are able to be navigated independently.

MBTA Bus System

The public bus system in Boston is fully equipped for handicap travel with:

  • Wheelchair Spaces
  • Lowered Floors
  • Wheelchair Ramps/Lifts
  • Wheelchair Tie-downs and Restraints

It is worth noting that the Silver Line, which is marked as a subway line, is actually a bus that navigates both streets and underground tunnels to connect subway lines.

MBTA Commuter Rail

If you are looking to visit some of the cities surrounding Boston, MA then we suggest traveling the MBTA Commuter Rail. All stations along the stop are accessible for handicap travel and the fair tops out at $5.00 for those with a disability card or a noticeable disability like a wheelchair. To find out exactly what you can expect to pay based on your destination, you can use the MBTA commuter rail fare calculator online. 

Access Boston: Wheelchair-Accessible Taxis

You’d swear you were in New York City! In Boston, travelers will find a fleet of taxis designed to accommodate both manual and powered wheelchairs for the same fare as a standard taxi. The accessible taxi vans have a lowered floor and are equipped for rear liftgate entry. You can contact Metro Cab of Boston at (617) 782-5500 for 24-hour dispatch.

Wheelchair Rental in Boston

Wondering about wheelchair rental in Boston? Scootaround is a popular option, offering both wheelchair rental and scooter rental. You can rent a wheelchair for one or several days at a time, with rates starting around $24 per day for a 3-day rental.

Top Attractions for Handicap Travel in Boston

Virtually all of the popular stops in Boston make fantastic handicap travel destinations as they are entirely wheelchair accessible and admission for many can be discounted with the purchase of a CityPass. Make your time away from Los Angeles, CA or Orlando, FL memorable with a visit to one or all of these popular destinations!

  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Old State House/Harvard Museum of Natural History
  • New England Aquarium
  • Museum of Science
  • Skywalk Observatory

Contact Us for More Wheelchair-Accessible Travel Tips

When you’re planning a getaway from Dallas, TX or New York, NY, you’ll find lots of wheelchair-accessible travel destinations in our lifestyle guide! And if you’re in need of a reliable vehicle you can use for road trips, we’d be happy to help you browse through our Handicap Vehicles For Sale to find the right model for your needs and budget. Freedom Motors USA is dedicated to helping you enjoy the freedom of mobility, so contact us to start a conversation today!

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