7 Popular Wheelchair Accessible Taxi and Rideshare Vehicles

For taxi companies and rideshare service drivers, having a wheelchair accessible vehicle can make all the difference to your customers. In markets like New York City, wheelchair accessible Lyft and Uber drivers are in high demand. 

Being able to transport wheelchair users and other passengers is a highly requested service, but it can be a challenge to find the right vehicle for the job. Freedom Motors USA has several options available that solve the most common problems with wheelchair accessible taxi vehicles. 

With flexible seating options that can support a combination of wheelchair passengers and up to 6 ambulatory passengers plus a driver, Freedom Motors offers the most versatile commercial conversions on the market. Plus, half cut and full cut options are available to perfectly suit your needs.

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Wheelchair Accessible Taxi and Rideshare SUVs

The best wheelchair accessible van might not even be a van at all. SUV conversions are becoming more popular among both retail and commercial markets, and it’s easy to see why.

Wheelchair Accessible SUVs offer the interior space of a minivan, while being easier to drive and park in crowded urban spaces. Their sleeker exterior and premium cabin features are nice perks too, of course. Passengers seeing an all-black Telluride or Traverse pulling up to the sidewalk will be getting the VIP experience, turning heads upon arriving at their destination like a Lincoln Town Car would.

Just like minivan conversions, there are a variety of flexible minivan seating options to suit your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the popular wheelchair taxi and rideshare SUVs on the market right now.

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Half Cut Kia Telluride

Coming to the market in 2019, the Telluride is Kia’s newest SUV but is quickly becoming its most popular. It’s no wonder why, either; with it’s great features and superior handling earning it a glowing review and back-to-back 10Best awards from Car and Driver.Telluride with wheelchair accessible ramp extended from the trunk

Most notably, it has received praise for it’s responsive handling, powerful engine and commendable fuel economy. The Freedom Motors conversion uses the Telluride’s OEM captain’s chairs in the second row to comfortably seat a driver plus 4 passengers, making this a great choice for drivers seeking versatility.

Half Cut Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet has always been known for its durable vehicles and their rugged style. The Traverse is no different

The half cut model features the remounted OEM bench seat, allowing for the driver and up to 5 passengers. This makes it incredibly versatile for most parties, and can make it an attractive choice for rideshare drivers who may be using it for personal use as well.

Silver Chevrolet Traverse with open driver side door

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi and Rideshare Vans

While wheelchair accessible SUVs are on the rise, they aren’t a perfect fit for everyone’s needs. Sometimes, a van offers the versatility and flexibility that taxi and rideshare drivers need. With several models available to choose from, there is a vehicle to fit just about every niche. 

A variety of seating options allow for different passenger configurations and can be switched up on the fly, like folding third-row benches. Some full-cut models can transport up to two wheelchairs or a stretcher, while half-cut models allow for a wheelchair passenger and remounted OEM seats provide extra comfort for ambulatory passengers.

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Toyota Sienna & Sienna Hybrid

The Toyota Sienna conversion from Freedom Motors is unique in that it comes available with either a traditional FWD drivetrain (on 2020 and older models) or Toyota’s no-charge-required hybrid drivetrain (on 2021 and newer models). 

The standard Sienna comes in full and half-cut, with the full-cut option fitting two wheelchairs or one stretcher. Third-row seating options are available for ambulatory passengers. The rear-entry ramp is also available in the Superwide 48” option, providing the widest Sienna ramp in the industry.

Rear Ramp Detail Sienna Hybrid

The Sienna Hybrid from Freedom Motors is the first and only rear-entry wheelchair accessible hybrid Toyota vehicle on the market. With a Superwide 40” ramp and a combined average 36 mpg, it’s the most efficient accessible vehicle on the market without sacrificing comfort or utility. 

A half-cut option is available that allows the OEM second-row bench to be remounted, and a third-row folding bench can bring the total number of riders up to 7 – 6 passengers plus the driver. Efficient, comfortable, and practical, the Toyota Sienna is a great choice for any taxi or rideshare driver.

Chrysler Voyager & Pacifica

Based on the same chassis, the Chrysler Voyager and Pacifica both offer similarly great wheelchair accessible experiences. 

The Voyager has taken over the two lowest Pacifica trim levels in 2021, leaving it the most affordable option with fewer bells and whistles. For those who want the added luxury and convenience of high-tech features, the Pacifica offers a premium cabin experience.

Wheelchair Accessible Chrysler Voyager rear entry ramp

Both vehicles offer the same quality and utility you’d expect from a Freedom Motors conversion. With the same ramp specifications and options available on both vehicles, the choice comes down to which interior options are right for you.

Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan was the first vehicle converted by Freedom Motors in 1987, and has been a staple of the mobility market ever since. For good reason, too – it’s stylish, affordable, and reliable. 

Freedom Motors offers a Superwide 40” rear-entry ramp, the widest accessible Caravan ramp on the market, and manual or automatic ramp options. The full-cut model can carry two wheelchair passengers or one stretcher.

Sadly, the Dodge Grand Caravan was discontinued in 2019, meaning that those looking for an up-to-date, similarly priced vehicle should look toward the Chrysler Voyager or Toyota Sienna.

Wheelchair accessible silver Dodge Van Grand Caravan

About Freedom Motors USA Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Why buy your wheelchair accessible vehicle from Freedom Motors USA? It’s simple. Freedom Motors is family-owned and has been creating accessible vehicle conversions since 1987, making us one of the first companies in the industry. We have experience getting our customers what they need.

  • Don’t know where to start? Our team of Mobility Specialists will work with you to help find the vehicle that best suits your needs.
  • Shop from Home – Freedom Motors will come to you anywhere in the country to provide a demonstration of any of our wheelchair conversions.
  • Exclusive Stock – Shop our expansive list of Wheelchair Accessible SUVs that you won’t find anywhere else in the mobility industry, including the Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, Kia Sorento, Kia Soul, Kia Telluride and Honda HR-V.
  • Hybrid Vehicles – Check out the industry’s first Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Van wheelchair-accessible conversion, with a no-charge hybrid drivetrain making it the most efficient wheelchair van on the market.
  • Premium Features – Freedom Motors conversions offer top-of-the-line features, like the automatic rear-entry ramp or our full and half-cut options that allow for more passenger seating options.
  • Superwide Ramps – Freedom Motors offers the widest ramps in the industry that you won’t find anywhere else, including the Superwide 40” Dodge Grand Caravan and the Superwide 48” Toyota Sienna.
  • Dedicated to Keeping You Moving – Contact us today and we’ll work with you to find the right vehicle for you. 

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