3 Wheelchair SUVs for Winter Driving

Winter is on its way, and with it comes time at home with family, last-minute holiday shopping and more Christmas music than anyone could ever ask for. For some of us that live in colder climates, winter unfortunately brings plenty of ice and snow with it as well. 


Although it may make for an idyllic winter wonderland, it also makes it much harder to drive. It’s even harder still for those who drive wheelchair accessible vehicles, which are often big box vans that can handle poorly in snow and ice. For those who live in areas with long, snowy winters, it may be worth thinking about getting Wheelchair Accessible SUVs.

What Makes Wheelchair Accessible SUVs Better for Winter Driving?

There are a few things that make wHandicap Vehicles For Sale harder to drive during the winter months. While their size makes them great for carrying lots of passengers, it can work against them when the roads are slick. 

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle SUVs Enclave and TraverseTheir large size and shape means they handle poorly in wet and icy conditions, making the vehicle more likely to slide or spin on the road. Vans are also often designed to ride fairly low to the ground, with this issue being exacerbated by wheelchair conversions that often sit underneath the vehicle. Low ground clearance can make it challenging to get through even small amounts of snow build up.

Accessible SUV conversions alleviate most of these problems simply by virtue of being an SUV. Their more compact silhouette means they handle better under slippery road conditions, and even converted SUVs ride much higher than minivans. All of this combined with more powerful, zippier engines makes SUVs the clear winner when it comes to navigating ice and snow.

Which Accessible SUVs Are Best for Winter?

Across the board, most SUVs are generally going to handle better than a minivan in bad road conditions for all the reasons listed above. Of course, some SUVs are better suited for inclement weather by design. 

The Chevrolet Traverse rear-entry conversion is a great choice for winter weather. With its rugged American style and powerful engine, the Traverse will get you through the snow all while being #NotAVan. 
2019 Buick Enclave Wheelchair RampThe Buick Enclave rear-entry conversion offers all the responsiveness and reliability of a full-size American SUV while adding a touch of class. The contoured exterior and winged headlamps all make for an elegant look, while heated leather seats and a heated steering wheel keep you comfortable throughout the winter.
Rear Entry Kia Telluride Doors OpenThe Kia Telluride rear-entry conversion offers a hugely roomy interior without sacrificing power or elegance. With a bold exterior design and “tiger’s eye” running lights, the Telluride conversion is sure to turn heads. Several driving modes allow you to fine tune your experience, including a mode specifically for snowy weather. 

About Freedom Motors USA Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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