Wheelchair-Accessible Toyota Sienna Hybrid Conversion Van

Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Van

Revolutionary Hybrid Conversion Offers New Choice In Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle Market

  • The lowered floor vehicle is the industry’s first Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair-accessible conversion.
  • The Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair conversion will bring best in class fuel economy to the mobility market; and bring the highest MPG of any conversion vehicle available.
  • Freedom Motors USA previously created the first-ever lowered floor wheelchair-accessible minivan in 1987; the first-ever lowered floor wheelchair-accessible SUV in 2006; and the first Superwide rear ramps in 2016. 

Freedom Motors USA is proud to announce its wheelchair-accessible conversion on the Toyota Sienna wheelchair van, the first-ever conversion available on the market of the recently updated hybrid minivan. With this new vehicle conversion, Freedom Motors modernizes what independence means for wheelchair users. We’re excited to add this conversion to our handicap vehicles for sale including wheelchair vans and wheelchair accessible SUVs.

The Only Rear-Entry Toyota Hybrid Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle on the Market
Freedom Motors USA Exclusive

From the people who created the wheelchair minivan in 1987 comes the first Toyota wheelchair van hybrid conversion. Introducing the all new rear-entry wheelchair accessible Toyota Sienna Hybrid, available only from Freedom Motors USA.

The Toyota Sienna wheelchair van comes with an impressive list of upgrades to almost every aspect of the 2020 model, the most notable being its switch to a no-charge hybrid engine that makes it one of the most efficient vehicles in its class.

Wheelchair Accessible Hybrid Toyota Sienna conversion

Designed for Style. Converted for You.

The Toyota Sienna wheelchair van features a complete redesign on the inside and out, providing customers with a next-level experience. With a sportier exterior and more premium features on the interior, the Toyota handicap van will make you forget everything you thought you knew about a minivan.

Slick exterior features like its built-in spoiler tailgate, integrated black tail light canard and bold, low grille give the Toyota Sienna wheelchair van a sporty look as well as increased aerodynamic performance. Thin LED tail lights, high-mounted headlights, big windows and high seating provide a sporty look with plenty of visibility for drivers. When it comes to high-quality materials, style and function, nothing beats the Toyota Sienna wheelchair accessible van.

back of wheelchair accessible toyota sienna

The wheelchair accessible Toyota Sienna Hybrid interior is completely revamped from last year’s model. The new model utilizes the empty space in between the front seats with a brand new bridge console design, providing open space below the console for storage. The armrests connect directly to the console, ensuring that the space doesn’t feel cramped or underutilized. The ergonomically positioned control panel makes for easy access in the cabin.

Freedom Motors has enhanced the Toyota Sienna Handicap Van’s increased interior convenience by making it accessible for everyone. Our conversion leaves the rear climate controls completely intact, meaning wheelchair passengers can still access them as well as up to two second-row ambulatory passengers. 

The three-zone automatic climate control has individual temperature settings for the driver, front passenger and back seats, meaning everyone can keep the temperature just how they like it. Second-row sunshades come standard on all Sienna Hybrid models, allowing backseat passengers to ride more comfortably.

Toyota Sienna Hybrid 2020 Toyota Sienna
Engine 243-Horsepower 2.5-Liter 4-Cylinder Hybrid 296-Horsepower 3.5-Liter V-6
Fuel Economy 36 MPG Combined 21 MPG Combined
Infotainment System 9-Inch Toyota Entune™ 3.0 Touchscreen 7-Inch Toyota Entune™ 3.0 Touchscreen
Freedom Motors Ramp Width 40” 30”, 34”, or 48”


Anyone who has seen the interior of both vehicles will immediately notice the larger 9” touchscreen display in the upgraded Sienna Hybrid that has been “popped out” of the console and placed high on the dash. Whether used for navigation or finding the right playlist, anyone in the vehicle will be able to see the screen easily. Those driving the car will also feel the difference that the Sienna’s Hybrid engine makes, creating a much more efficient car with no need for a plug-in charger.

Widest Ramp on a Hybrid Minivan

At Freedom Motors, we understand that safety is the number one priority. That’s why our Toyota Sienna with wheelchair ramp offers the Superwide 40” ramp, making it the widest of any hybrid mobility vehicle, providing confidence and security when entering and exiting the vehicle. 


  • Ramp: Spring-assisted Manual or Automatic ramp operation
  • Ramp Width40”
  • Ramp Length56”
  • Door Opening Height56”
  • Door Opening Width40” 
  • Interior Height56”
  • Interior Floor Width40” tapering to 31”
  • Interior Floor Length80”
  • Ground Clearance8.75”
  • Warranty Conversion/Corrosion: Up to 36 month or 36,000 miles
  • Flooring Materials: Commercial grade/ Lowered Floor
  • Standard 4-point Q’Straint wheelchair securement system or Q’Straint retractable straps or Premium


With 56” of headroom at the wheelchair position, the Toyota Sienna wheelchair van provides a spacious and comfortable interior.  

Toyota Sienna Hybrid Chrysler Pacifica PHEV
Ramp Width 40” 34.75”
Interior Floor Length 80” (Full Cut) 54” (Half Cut)
Hybrid System No Charging Required Must Be Plugged in to Charger Installed at Home
Ground Clearance 8.75” 7”


The wheelchair accessible Toyota Sienna for handicap travel from Freedom Motors has the widest ramp on the market, meaning wheelchair passengers can enter and exit the vehicle with confidence. Its 80” long full-cut floor means that wheelchair passengers are seated in the second row, making them a part of the conversation with the front seats and up to two ambulatory second-row passengers.

Wheelchair Accessible Toyota Sienna Hybrid Superwide Ramp Rear Ramp Detail Sienna Hybrid

Best of all, the Sienna Hybrid stores energy while you drive and its hybrid battery never needs to be charged. This means you can skip the lengthy and expensive at-home vehicle charger installation process that some hybrid wheelchair vehicles like the Chrysler Pacifica PHEV require. Your wheelchair accessible Sienna Hybrid will be driving at full efficiency as soon as you drive it off the lot.

Up to 36 MPG!

Hybrid Sienna Wheelchair KneelvanThe Toyota Sienna accessible van provides up to 36 MPG, the best in its class and the best MPG available for a wheelchair accessible vehicle. It’s powered by a 243-Horsepower 2.5-Liter 4-Cylinder Hybrid engine that stores electric power while you drive, meaning that you never have to worry about plugging in or charging your car. 

Unlike other manufacturers that alter the drivetrain when converting wheelchair vehicles, Freedom Motors leaves the Toyota hybrid completely untouched. This ensures that your rear-entry conversion drives as close to the OEM model as possible. In addition, the Freedom Motors rear-entry conversion only adds 15 pounds of additional weight to the vehicle, meaning there is a limited effect on the vehicle’s fuel economy.

The Toyota Sienna Hybrid conversion wheelchair-accessible vehicle is available now for preorder. Price is dependent on the trim level of the converted vehicle.

Consult with a Mobility Specialist today to learn more about our options and whether the Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Accessible Minivan is a good fit for you and your family. Call (800) 625-6335 today or Contact Us online to request additional resources.


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