Wheelchair Accessible
Toyota Sienna Hybrid

We were the first to create a rear-entry wheelchair accessible Toyota Sienna Hybrid, leaving the drivetrain completely untouched and operating as Toyota engineered.


  • Freedom Motors USA was the first to create a rear-entry wheelchair accessible conversion of the Toyota Sienna Hybrid, leaving the hybrid drivetrain completely untouched and operating as Toyota engineered.

  • Even better, the Sienna’s hybrid battery pack never needs to be recharged. This eliminates the need to spend thousands of dollars installing a battery charger in your home garage and ensures that your Toyota Sienna is always ready to go when you are.

  • The hybrid Toyota Sienna comes with an impressive redesign with upgrades coming to every aspect of the vehicle, the most notable being the switch to a hybrid gas and electric drivetrain. This switch offers a huge boost in performance – offering a whopping 36 average combined MPG compared to the previous Sienna’s 21 combined MPG.

  • And that’s not all—the upgraded Toyota Sienna comes with a complete exterior design overhaul. Resembling an SUV more than a minivan, this year’s Sienna is sure to make a splash with its sporty looks.



The Toyota Sienna, reimagined.

Slick exterior features like its built-in spoiler tailgate, integrated black tail light canard and bold, low grille give the Sienna Hybrid a sporty look as well as increased aerodynamic performance. Thin LED tail lights, high-mounted headlights, big windows and high seats provide a slick style with plenty of visibility for drivers.

Ramp Options

Ramp Width: 40″

Ramp Length: 46″

Manual or Automatic ramp operation

Crafted of corrosion resistant, high-strength structural grade aluminum with commercial-grade non-slip vinyl


Seating Options

Front driver and passenger are original OEM parts.

Wheelchair sits in the middle directly behind the center console.


Conversion Specs

  • Door Opening Height: 56″
  • Interior Height At Wheelchair Position: 56″
  • Interior Floor Width: 40″ tapering to 31″
  • Interior Floor Length: 80″
  • Ground Clearance: 8.75″
  • Kneel Feature: Not Available
  • ADA Compliant: Not Available
  • Warranty: Conversion/Corrosion 36 Month or 36,000 Miles on newly converted vehicles

Toyota Sienna Hybrid OEM Features Variable by trim level

Drivetrain Features

  • 243-Horsepower 2.5-Liter 4-Cylinder Hybrid
  • Electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (ECVT) with sequential shift mode
  • 36 MPG Highway / 36 MPG City

Technology Features

  • 9″ Touchscreen
  • Backup Camera
  • USB connectivity
  • WiFi Hotspot

Safety Features

  • Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 Package
  • Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) Lane Departure Warning
  • Dual Stage Driver And Passenger Front Airbags

Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Ramp Operation Demonstration

Freedom Motors USA Advantage

Why buy your wheelchair accessible vehicle from Freedom Motors USA? It’s simple. Freedom Motors USA is family-owned and has been creating accessible vehicle conversions since 1987, making us one of the first companies in the industry. We have the experience and innovation to provide the latest wheelchair vehicles our customers need and want.

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