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Accessibility Lifestyle Guide

From Freedom Motors USA

Freedom Motors USA is your partner for a fully accessible lifestyle. Our staff is committed to not only helping you find the right crossover, SUV or van that’s wheelchair-accessible, but to also help you find more accessible areas across the United States. Below are some of our reviews and information on where to find the most accessible cities in the U.S., along with our answers to some FAQs and tips on enhancing your daily routine.

Wheelchair Accessible Cities: Reviews

If you’re looking to travel or move to a new city, we’ve assessed key factors in whether or not the city is wheelchair accessible including transportation, accommodations, activities, and more.


Wheelchair Accessible Lifestyle Guide

We’ve covered almost all of the bases when it comes to navigating questions related to accessibility.


Wheelchair Tips And Tricks

Great finds on unique and useful information to make life a little bit easier.