Schedule A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Demo

Schedule a Demo

At Freedom Motors USA, scheduling a demo is easy. Simply fill out the form below or contact one of our Mobility Specialists. Best of all, you can do it all right from home.

Our Mobility Specialists are on call and ready to answer your questions. They’ll help you find the right accessible vehicle that suits your needs and send you photos and videos. They can even provide live video demonstrations of the vehicle’s ramp in action.

Because Freedom manufactures our vehicles on site at our facility, our Mobility Specialists know exactly what goes into every step of the process, from modifying the vehicle for accessibility to getting it to your front door. It also means you get a factory direct price without having to haggle or negotiate, something you won’t get from accessible vehicle resellers.

Buying an Accessible Vehicle from Home

Purchasing a handicap van or SUV from home couldn’t be easier. Freedom makes every step simple, from test driving to delivery.

Once you get in touch with one of our Mobility Specialists, they’ll ask you questions about your needs. Once they’ve figured out what features you need (like extra seating options or a power transfer seat), they’ll help you find a vehicle you like that suits your needs. 

Schedule a Demo

Once you’ve found a vehicle you’d like to test drive, a Freedom Mobility Specialist will bring the vehicle to you and demonstrate its features.**

When you’re ready, you can place your order. All paperwork and financing can be done from your home, on your computer. If the vehicle you’ve chosen is already converted, it will be ready to be shipped right away. If your vehicle is unconverted, it will be ready to ship in a few weeks after it goes through the manufacturing process; your Mobility Specialist can let you know when the order is placed. 

All of these steps can be done without ever setting foot in the Freedom facility. However, our Mobility Specialists are happy to show you around if you would like to visit. Contact us today to see how you can start the process. 

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**Not available in all areas of the United States.