Quick Guide to Dating in a Wheelchair

Dating can be complicated with or without a wheelchair. But, there are certain considerations that go into dating when you or your date are in a wheelchair. Explore our quick guide to dating in a wheelchair to learn some things you should consider as you enter the dating world.

How to Date Someone in a Wheelchair

  • Be Prepared for Attention: People may stare and approach you two with questions or comments while you are out. This can be uncomfortable and something you need to be honest about whether you can handle or not.
  • Don’t Assume: Just because someone uses a wheelchair doesn’t mean they can’t use their legs at all. Even if their leg mobility is limited, it doesn’t mean they can’t participate in various physical activities or athletics with some modification.
  • Plan Ahead: Anywhere you and your date go needs to be wheelchair-accessible. If you have any doubts, you will want to make sure to call ahead. That said, many popular date locations like movies, museums, concerts, and sporting events can work for the mobility impaired.
  • Don’t be a Hero: Your date has been doing things on their own before you came along, so don’t feel that you need to rush in and do everything for them. Ask first, or wait until they ask you for help with something.
  • Ask Questions: Communication is crucial to the success of any relationship, so be honest with any questions or concerns you have.

How to Date When You’re in a Wheelchair

  • Be Prepared for Questions: While it may feel exhausting to answer the same questions all the time, having open communication is crucial for you to have a healthy relationship.
  • Be Patient: Your chair should not be the focus of the relationship, but it may take some time for your date to learn how life works when navigating it in a wheelchair. Know that they may make mistakes along the way, but if they are genuine and making an effort it could be worth it to give them a chance.
  • Be Honest: Be honest about your capabilities and comfort level so your date knows what is and isn’t okay.

Learn More About Life With a WheelChair

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