Permit Pal – The Solution for Your Parking Needs

Freedom Motors USA has proudly partnered with The Hold It Company, makers of the innovative PERMIT PAL. This simple product fosters continued independence in one’s vehicle. We support this mission. Because of this, every vehicle purchase from Freedom Motors now includes the PERMIT PAL.


The PERMIT PAL is an aid for attaching and detaching handicap permit cards or hangtags displayed in your vehicle.


Any age group with range of motion issues, temporary or permanent, whether sports related, medical procedure or condition. It enables the placement of handicapped parking permits and other hangtags with little or no difficulty.


PERMIT PAL ensures proper and legal positioning for all of your permits, regardless of size or function. When used properly, it guarantees compliance with state and local laws by leaving your permits in the right hanging position.


When Suzanne Lucas Binder’s late husband Robert S. Binder (Bobby) first required the use of a State Handicap Parking Permit Card, it was easy to use. However, a few years later it became a challenge. So Bobby invented a simple solution!

Making a difference is what guided Suzanne Lucas Binder and a dear friend, Michele Harris to build a business; THE HOLD IT COMPANY LLC. It is an issue that millions of people are dealing with everyday, for a number of reasons.

The PERMIT PAL was originally named Handicap Helper until rebranded in October, 2015 as PERMIT PAL. The simple velcro design was first drawn up by Bobby Binder. The plans were discovered by Suzanne while going through old papers years later, after his death.

The PERMIT PAL reduces pain and discomfort experienced by individuals with mobility restrictions. It ensures proper and legal positioning for all permits, regardless of size or function. Thus, it guarantees compliance with state and local laws.

“Bobby said it may be a little solution, but it is one that can really make a big difference.” Suzanne summarized to the Oakland Press in March of 2016.


Since embarking on their joint venture, the partners have sold their product to Medical Supply, Rehabilitation and Automotive Industry clients. They continue to speak to a variety of organizations and institutions about offering or carrying the product.

“As we developed the product, we realized it can help just about anyone. Who doesn’t have to display a permit, tag or card in their car these days for their office, university, apartment complex, sports venue or school?” concluded Suzanne in the Oakland Press interview.

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